Money Maker

Start managing your financial future today.

Find 9 reasons why you should manage your investment funds using MySmartStocks.


    Simple, intelligent & affordable
    MySmartStocks requires no or little training to investors. If you can read stock market news, using MySmartStocks would be very easy. In addition, it is intelligent and is affordably priced as low as Rs.2,083/month.

    Visualize money flow
    This is the only financial tool in the market that precisely and visually points you to which sectors, specifically which stocks and exactly when are those stocks receiving investments / withdrawals. Know exactly what money is chasing and intelligently monitor and review your investments and take further actions as necessary.

    Funds News
    With MySmartStocks, a unique and most valuable feature that shows important money news affecting future wealth creation of your holdings based on most recent investor actions in those stocks. By the way, these news are not published by any news agencies.

    Better market knowledge
    Once you start using MySmartStocks and start analyzing your existing or desired stocks, you will automatically have greater information about financial health of those stocks. No need to depend on financial experts.

    No download or installation
    Since MySmartStocks is a smart web-based software with daily auto updates, it requires no data download or configuration. All you need is an internet connection and a popular browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

    Analyze over 4,000 BSE/NSE stocks
    After using MySmartStocks, you need not depend on newspapers, TV channels or so called analysts. You gain true picture of trends of past 2-years for any NSE/BSE stock. Analysis indicator over last one year like STOCKEXTM - wealth creation index, greed vs. fear scenarios and stock's ranking across its own sector make this product epitomize Human behavior with Money flow for exceptional wealth creation.

    Ability to know when to Enter?
    Just because money is available does not mean you start investing. MySmartStocks is an intelligent tool detecting various investment buy possibilities. These are regularly informed by email and greatly help investors on their buy decisions.

    Ability to know when to Exit?
    For any investment, it is far more important to know when to exit. When monitored, MySmartStocks automatically detects  5 different exits for you. Again, all exits are informed by email to you as they occur to help you maximize your returns or to protect you from losses.

    Wealth creators across 27 sectors
    Equity markets go through Up and Down cycles. However, MySmartStocks keeps you informed about not only sector ranking but also wealth creators across 27 sectors. Sectoral rotation and their winners reflect changing state of sectors and investors' attitude.