Money Maker



Your Return on Investment (ROI) depends on many factors such as -

1) Type of Investments (Stocks, Bonds, Gold, FD)
2) Investor risk profile (Aggressive, High, Moderate, Low)
3) Prudent decision making skills (Detaching oneself from emotional value)

For example, investing in a fixed deposit vs. growth-oriented equity could make a large difference in returns. Further, if you are only investing in stocks and you invest only in large cap stocks, your returns may be limited with higher degree of safety. If you are young or have a higher risk appetite, you may invest in small cap stocks or even futures market generating sizeable returns.

It is easy to invest anytime, however it takes time, intelligence and prudence to decide exactly when to exit and maximize profits.

Among many attributes that MySmartStocks helps investors is about unlocking the value of your investment i.e. precisely knowing when to sell. Whether you are a Conservative investor, Moderate risk taker or an Aggressive investor, here are sample returns on about Rs.10,00,000 invested during past fiscal years and their respective returns.


  Investment Type      Large Cap • Mid Cap  
FISCAL YR : 2011-12

Returns : 22.3%

FISCAL YR : 2012-13

Returns : 23.5%


  Investment Type      Large Cap • Mid Cap • Small Cap  
FISCAL YR : 2011-12

Returns : 30.6%

FISCAL YR : 2012-13

Returns : 30.3%


  Investment Type      Large Cap • Mid Cap • Small Cap • Futures  
FISCAL YR : 2011-12

Returns : 43.0%

FISCAL YR : 2012-13

Returns : 41.0%