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  • About
    What is is an advanced and intelligent financial tool for analyzing Indian equities (BSE & NSE). No need to depend on other's advice. Based on your investment profile, you suitably use diverse information reports an find those money making stocks.
    How useful this site will be for me?
    The bottom line of any investment is whether you eventually made money or not. Even with your present set of investments or advice, using this site greatly helps you determine those legendary performing stocks that have made money to other investors and allows you to reshuffle and align your portfolio accordingly.
    Do I need to know fundamentals of finance or any training on investment before I use site?
    No. Our approach is very simple. You do not need to have any experience in stock investment.
    What is so unique about
    Whether you are an investment-savvy person or a beginner, no amount of time or prudence would allow you to analyze more than 4000 and growing number stocks of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) in one shot. You can use this on an ongoing basis for keeping your equity investments in check. Many sites offer you single stock to follow and you do further number analysis and move to next stock and so on. Instead, we give complete flexibility and control for you to select few of your own inputs for both Survival and Performance and in few minutes and after millions of calculations, we provide list of all those WINNING and MONEY MAKING stocks powering your profits.
    When is the best time to start using this site?
    Your stocks investment decisions do not depend on market conditions. In fact, you should be continuously using this site at times whether market peaks to know the quality holdings as well as market bottoms to protect the damages to your holding. Start using it immediately.
    Do I need to maintain any data for using
    No setup. No installation. All you need is a login ID and password. We daily maintain all the stocks data including any stock splits and bonus effects.
  • Intelligent Reports
    What types of different reports are available?
    There are two types of reports –
    1)  Default – It provides a general list of market beating stronger than Sensex stocks
    2)  Momentum Leaders – It provides many reports listing high growth money making stocks

    What types of Momentum Leaders reports are available?
    a)  Average Return – Stocks that beat Sensex in average return during your comparison timeframe
    b)  Widest Margin - Stocks that have beaten Sensex by widest margin during near-term and long-term comparison
    c)  Growth Engine – Stocks with consistent and aggressive growth mode over last 12 months – real money maker

    What does 'Default' report contain?
    Default report contains list of quality winning stocks which are stronger than Sensex in your chosen analysis time range and listed in order of performance as per your comparison time range. We display a proprietary score next to all winning stocks.

    How 'Momentum Leaders' reports are different from Default report?
    Momentum Leaders reports provide a lot more information about the winning stocks in relation to performance against Sensex.

    What is the significance of 'Momentum Leaders' reports?
    These reports provide qualitative and quantitative information about winning stocks in relation to performance against Sensex.

    What does Average Return report contain?
    In this report, divides your comparison range in to two parts – last half and the full range. In addition to finding top quality and momentum stocks, this report further displays critical performance information in these two time parts and ranks those qualified stocks which have been on top with average performance in those two time parts beating Sensex performance.

    For example, you chose 6-Mar-2009 to 25-Oct-2010 (20 months range) as your comparison time range. It breaks up this range in last 10 months and full 20 months range. It displays those winning stocks which above and beyond being stronger-than-Sensex has beaten Sensex by providing better average return of 20-month return and 10-month return.

    How does Average Return report benefit?
    If you are a medium or long term investor or acting on behalf of your clients, Average return report offers flexibility of choosing those market winning stocks which have steadily increased in return and whose average return has beaten the Sensex average return in your chosen timeframe.

    You can benefit by comparing your old holdings in your chosen timeframe against the winners picked by allowing you to reshuffle your portfolio powering more profits.

    What does Widest Margin report contain?
    In this report, divides your comparison range in to two parts – last half and the full range. In addition to finding top quality and momentum stocks, this report further displays critical performance information in these two time parts and those qualified stocks which have been winning with widest difference in performance in those two time parts. For example, you chose 6-Mar-2009 to 25-Oct-2010 (20 months range) as your comparison time range. It breaks up this range in last 10 months and full 20 months range. It displays those winning stocks which above and beyond being stronger-than-Sensex has beaten it by widest difference of 20-month return vs. 10-month return.

    How does Widest Margin report benefit?
    This is another premium report helpful for long-term investor. While finding the winning stocks, it displays most rewarding stocks within your own comparison time range whose own performance has beaten near term to long term by widest margin. This helps long-term investors in confirming which winning stocks holding have benefited them the most.

    Another way of looking at this report is if you invested when market crashed a while ago and market has gradually improved since then, how well those winning stocks could have rewarded you by holding them long term.

    What does Growth Engine report contain?
    In this report, provides a list of those early risers which have phenomenally rewarded the investors consistently in last 3, 6 and 12 months. It truly represents consistent and aggressive growth stocks (i.e. the financial growth engines of Indian economy) as per your chosen criteria.

    How does Growth Engine report benefit?
    This report is a perfect choice for traders or even long term investors who want to reap benefits of winning stocks from beginning of stocks' rise. It displays rapidly and consistently growing stocks which are qualified and stronger-than-sensex in your own analysis time range.

    Can I do what-if analysis on my chosen timeframe?
    This is exactly what we offer on site to select your own timelines for comparison when creating reports.

    I made a sizable investment 6 months ago in few stocks. How do I find out whether I made right investment decisions or not?
    The best way to validate your decision is by way of comparing your returns vs. other choices brought to you by reports. precisely helps you compare your own past stocks purchases and find new growth directions.
  • Inputs
    Why do you ask to select market dates for Sensex?
    Sensex is a barometer of Indian stock market and is known benchmark all over the world for comparing equity returns across many countries.

    What is the purpose of asking one peak date and two crash dates for Sensex?
    One of the foundations of is to have investor sleep peacefully in the night even when market crashes. Because no one is risk averse, everyone is loss averse, we find market crashes far more important than peaks. Therefore, you will hardly find an investor discuss about his/her losses than his/her gains.

    Which date should be selected as Sensex Peak date?
    We list about dozen market peaks since Jan 2008. You may select any of those dates.

    What is the significance of selecting the Peak date and how does it impact the investor?
    When all favorable economic conditions co-inside (whether it be GDP growth, Industrial production numbers, unemployment rates, company quarterly tax payments, earnings declaration and so on), market welcomes and represents it positively. Therefore, you should select a proper date when Sensex had peaked in the past. We provide past 12 such peaks for your convenience. You can also choose an intermediate Sensex peak date. Selecting proper peak Sensex date allows investor to find out only those stocks which are relatively stronger than Sensex.

    Which dates should be selected as Sensex crash dates?
    These could be any of the Sensex crashes since Jan 2008, market lows during last 36 months or intermediate market bottoms. For your reference, we list these important dates where market has crashed over 500 points since Jan 2008. You should select dates which are important and eventful. For example, a crash date could be 24 Oct 2008 when market crashed by 1071 points due to collapse of Lehman Brothers in US.

    What is the significance of selecting Two Crash dates and how does it impact the investor?
    When all unfavourable economic conditions co-inside (whether it be bad earnings, reduction of economic activity, sluggish growth rate, high unemployment, and so on), market reacts to this negatively. You as a prudent investor should be able to determine those winning stocks which survive such crashes even better than Sensex. Since every crash has a different reason attached to it be it global vs. domestic meltdown or micro vs. macro crisis, unforeseen circumstances and so on, we allow you to select two important stock market crash dates important in your opinion. By providing two crash dates, ensures that winnings stocks have survived better than Sensex at both times.

    For your convenience, we provide list of such dates when Sensex crashed over 500 points since Jan 2008. You can also choose an intermediate market bottom date, if you wish.

    What does selection of three dates achieve?
    It determines your selected analysis time range from oldest to the current date and this range is used to find winning stocks.

    Do I have to select different weights for these three dates?
    You can keep equal (33.33%) weight for those dates (one peak and two crashes) allowing importance of those three dates equal.

    However, if you are one of those financial wizards and if you feel to assign different importance to different dates due to its historic relevance and importance, you may consider different weights for intelligent analysis and find winning stocks accordingly. For example, you may consider assigning Peak date of January 8, 2008, Crash date 1 of October 24, 2008 and Crash date 2 of March 6, 2009 weights 20%, 50% and 30% respectively, this way you can assign higher importance to crashes and accordingly find winning stocks.

    What is the benefit attached to 'Equal Weight' criteria to peak and crash dates?
    If you as a smart investor rate significance of a historic event differently compared to other people, you can definitely assign different weights and find resulting winning stocks. For example, if you consider market crashes (or survival) compared to Sensex of higher importance than market peaks, you can assign say 20/40/40 weights or 10/50/40 weights to peak/crash1/crash2 dates.

    What is Quality Filter? And how does this benefit holistically?
    It is a mechanism to filter the winning stocks (Top 2%) from the Indian stock exchanges(BSE and NSE) which are stronger than Sensex for given percentage of your analysis time duration. Stringent you become, shorter the list gets and longer it takes to find out. Smaller the filter number you choose, relaxed it becomes and you get the larger list of winning stocks. We suggest you choose 70% to find higher number of winning stocks.

    Why one needs to do Comparison?
    Comparison allows you to set your own time range for doing what-if performance analysis. Based on your chosen Peak, Crash1 and Crash2 dates and quality filter, finds out winners and these winners are now compared for their performance in chosen comparison timeframe.

    What is the significance of Comparison?
    To carry out your own what-if analysis in your chosen timeline and find winning stocks. It is impossible for human mind to do such heavy analysis on daily basis.

    What benefits are attached to Comparison?
    1)  Find out performance of stronger-than-Sensex quality stocks in your own time range
    2)  Determine prudence of your past decisions
    3)  Compare your portfolio returns made during certain time interval with winners
    4)  Getting ready to reshuffle your portfolio, if necessary
  • Analyze
    Can I do what-if analysis with
    Yes. Based on your analysis time range, finds winning stocks which you can compare for your chosen what-if analysis comparison range. Select from and to dates for your comparison to do historic and/or current analysis.
  • Invest
    I am a long term investor able to spend time to research only few companies. How can help me? frees you from all your limitations. It is impossible for humans to carry out millions of calculations in few minutes for thousands of stocks on daily basis. analyzes over 4000 BSE and NSE listed companies for you and gives you a list of money-making companies to invest in.

    Being a financial advisor, I manage my clients' money – how does help me?
    You can choose from various reports that fit your clients' risk profile and growth expectations. Based on the report, you can invest your clients' money to achieve their goals.

    I am a short-term trader, how does help me? provides excellent reports regardless of your investment profile. For example, Momentum leaders – Growth Engine report is TOP 2% of Fast growing Indian Equities and is a perfect choice for traders. It provides list of consistent and aggressive growth stocks over last 12 months.

    I found all reports helpful and also made money. Why should I visit again?
    Equity investment is not a one-time event. It has volatile nature and market peaks and crashes are unknown. By periodically visiting, you are able to stay in touch with the pulse of the market and your money-making stocks.

    Based on the new market information, you can track how your chosen stocks have performed in the market after you invest or reshuffle as necessary.

    Further, as more investment money is available to you, you visit and find new winners.

    What should a wise investor do?
    Based on the market trends, economic activities and global news, a wise investor must regularly monitor his/her portfolio.
    As necessary, reshuffle the portfolio as per your investment timeline and take your desired profits.
  • Technical
    From where do you collect your data? maintains data from known recognized exchanges i.e. BSE and NSE.

    How current is your data?
    We maintain daily data supplied from stock exchanges. We also give proper effects to any corporate announcements such as bonus, splits etc.

    Which browsers are supported for
    Internet explorer 7.0, 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 and above & Google Chrome 4.0 and above.

    Do I need to download or maintain any data?
    No. All you need is a login ID, password and internet access. We daily maintain the data for this site.