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EQUITY MARKET :: Past - Present - Future

Past – Security Analysis
Find past winners
Present – Market Analysis
Review Stocks

Find past winners of the Indian equity market by historical equity analysis which have rewarded handsomely. More...

Review which stocks are present winners (or losers) from market analysis.

Future – Wealth Creators
MySmartStocks is the only product that touches on Past , Present and Future of equity markets. Whether you are a long term investor or a trader, invest in to future winners of Indian equity market under various categories. More...

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Who Creates Wealth? – Top 5%

STOCKEXTM – Beyond Nifty & Sensex
Flexibly Design Resources
  Analyze Any Stock
Create Documnets and Resources

Follow STOCKEXTM - Wealth Creation Index, now the only index you need to follow for more than 4,000 stocks of BSE and NSE. More...

Analyze, filter and rank – comprehensive analysis of over 4,000 Indian stocks for quality, value and wealth creation. More...

  Sector Analysis & Diversification
Search Resources

In either Bull or Bear market, find up to top 5 ranking Stocks across 27 sectors EVERY DAY. FMCG and Pharma are not the only sectors that reward investors in bear market.

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Market Segments

Publish Resources

Many useful categories of investments are available in Bull market cash segment such as Bulls, Leaders, Momemtum,…

In both Bull as well as Bear market, you can invest In Futures segment such as Laggards, Bears, High Fliers and so on…

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Investment Life Cycle

  Premium Advice – Investment Entry
Premium Advice – Investment Entry

A picture worth thousand words…and our advice is delivered by email to subscribed users.

Monitor your long-term as well as trading portfolio, and review for any action. Besides equity, you can maintain all your portfolio assets such as Mutual Funds, FD, Insurance, PPF, and so on with hundreds of comprehensive reports.

  Unlocking – Investment Exit
Unlocking – Investment Exit

Once again – a picture worth thousand words! Not only you know when to enter but also exactly when to exit. And YES - MySmartStocks tracks your stock exits and informs you by email everytime regardless of where you are in the world so that you are on top of your Equity Investments at all times.

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