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CASE STUDY - Create Free Assets with 55%+ Profit (Geometric Ltd - Market Entry)

Equity market is like a chakravyuh -

1) Fund managers do fundamental analysis in order to decide on buying stocks for long duration
2) Traders rope in for technical analysis
3) Institutions do mixed approach for long term wealth creation

Buying still involves intelligence which fundanmental or technical analysis fails to provide. With help of human behavior, that's where MySmartStocks helps in determining what investors buy, when they buy, how they analyze and monitor and when they monetize.

NOTE: All case studies are true experiences of MySmartStocks clients.


  June 2012      What to buy? When to buy?  

After exuberance of market in January-February 2012 with over Rs.25,000 Crores of FII investment, the client was considering investment in the month of June 2012 which is explanined in detail below.

By virtue of precise human behavior, MySmartStocks provides list of potential investments under various categories. For long term or buy-and-hold type of investors, one such category is BULLS. These stocks potentially reward investors with long term holding providing returns within 400 days or less.


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Client's market ENTRY

Did client buy Geometric Ltd? Yes...It's a Godrej group dividend paying small-cap Information Technology company with Rs.824 Cr (FY11-12) annual turnover and earning per share of Rs. 9.

2 JUL 2012 - the client bought 500 shares at Rs.72 per share.

The client continued to hold and Geometric continued to rise.

What did client do? The client continued to hold...

13 JUL 2012 - Geometric record date for dividend distribution of Rs.1.60 per share.

The client continued to hold and enjoyed the shareholder dividend of Rs. 800.

What did client do? The client continued to hold...

Geometric Upward Journey

Did client ANALYZE Geometric Ltd stock? Yes...

10 SEP 2012 - Within a span of 2 months, Geometric moved upwards by over 42%.

What did client do? The client continued to hold.

As you can see, MySmartStocks offers financial tools unmatched in the industry and are very comprehensive. It informs clients on profitable opportunities and ability to realize grand profits.


  Client Partial Exit      10 Sep 2012  

The client decided to take partial profit by selling 2/3rd of his holding (330 shares) at Rs.115 per share with over 55% profit in 2.5 months PLUS dividends.

Essentially, this has allowed to bring his capital back home and remaining 170 shares are what he created as FREE assets at 0 cost. Guess what? Within total 3 months, the stock was making 52-week high at Rs.125.7 per share nearly 65% profit level.

CONCLUSION - MySmartStocks is an intelligent and comprehensive financial tool - A Blue Ocean product based on human behavior.

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